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Update Tasks

Teach your team how to update the status of their tasks in seconds.

Filter Tasks

As you build projects and task icons fill up the screen learn how to manage them by filtering the specific group you wish to focus on.

Create Plans

How to quickly create a new event or project using the Fast Task Entry system.How to create a plan using the Fast Task Entry system.

Intro to The Model Library

Learn how to install and use the free project models in our library.

App-less App Text Messaging Interface

Learn how to use the app-less app text messaging interface to update the status of your tasks.

Managing Volunteers and Team Members

Learn how to manage members of your organization in Finish Line Planner.

Reusing Event Project Plans

Learn how to save a successful plan as a model, and reuse the model as a future plan in seconds.

Adding New Organizations

Learn how to add a second organization to Finish Line Planner.

Adding or Updating a Credit Card

Learn how to update your Credit Card information to keep your account current.

FLP Admin

A quick overview of the administrative tools in Finish Line Planner


Join Finish Line Planner in making a difference in the 2016 Presidential Campaign season.


Build productivity habits that will open doors for and excel your organization's growth.

Individual Coffee Fundraiser

Description: Raise funds for your short-term mission trip with a quality coffee grown on the mission field.

Perm Drip Coffee Ministry

Start a pre-service coffee ministry. What better way to reach people than over a great cup of coffee?

New Convert Follow Up

A Step-by-Step plan from the book, The How and Why of New Convert Care, by Carlton Coon.

The Gap in Growth Webinar

A Roundtable Webinar on Church Growth with experienced ministers, Rev. Calvin Jean, Rev. Carlton Coon, Rev. Daniel Kyle, Rev. Gary Ellis, and Rev. Tim Massengale.

Empowering Members to Become Church Growth Leaders

A roundtable panel of experts sharing first-hand experiences to growing their ministry teams.


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